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Encoded are…

Alex Bowmer

Vocals & Guitar

Kasper Piskorski


Liam Vicary

Guitar & Backing Vocals

Ryan Lavender


When bands talk of going on a journey together, they normally mean hitting the road and having adventures in the back of a van, Encoded, however, decided to remove as many barriers to their journey as possible. With 3 of the 4 band members all living together, a cultural mix that spans from Milton Keynes to Perth (Scotland), from Bournemouth to Poland breathes its way into their socially conscious musical narrative.

The Encoded sound hears influences from a diverse mix, with the socially aggressive nature of Rage Against The Machine, combined with the artistic temperament of Muse, Encoded play music that sounds like it feels, raw and real.

Encoded formed in 2015 when Alex Bowmer (Guitar and Vocals) began writing demos, he reunited with Ryan Lavender (Drums) former classmate from The Academy of Contemporary Music which they both attended in 2008. Liam Vicary (Guitar) joined the band after being introduced by mutual friends. Kasper Piskorski Joined on bass at the beginning of 2018.


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